2/2003 Studia historica: Meeting the Other. Studies in comparative history

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brožovaná, 196 str.
ISSN 0567-8293
E-ISSN 2464-7055
vydáno: únor 2007
ISBN 80-246-1156-2


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  • Luďa Klusáková - Karel Kubiš - Introduction
    Criminalized otherness
    Daniela Tinková - Sinner, Criminal, or Lunatic? Fabrication of the "Criminal" in the Process of Secularization (17th19th Centuries)
    Peter Becker - Irresistible Otherness. Crirninological Discourse, Police Practices, and Criminal Identity in 19th Century Germany
    Migrations - confessional minorities
    Markéta Křížová - The Surprise of America and the European Civilizing Process
    Jaroslav Miller -The Others in Town: Some Reflections on the Social Status of the Jewish Population in the Urban Centres of East-Central Europe 1500-1700
    Eva Kowalská - Heretics and Proselytes: The Formation and Perception of Confessional Identity among Czech Protestants after 1781
    Chantal Bordes-Benayoun - Diasporas: a Pattern for Contemporary
    Migration Studies
    Politics and otherness
    Jean-Francois Berdah - Immigration and Citizenship in the 19th and 20th Century (1789-1940): The French Melting Pot
    Linas Eriksonas - Nationalism and Name-giving in Norway and Lithuania
    Charlotte Alston - Harold Williams and His Circle: the Battle for British and American Opinion on the Russian Revolution
    Blanka Říchová - Between Britishness and Welshness: the Labour Party in Wales
    Marginalized poverty
    Marjaana Niemi - Factory Mothers: Discourses of Poverty Motherhood and Women's Work in English and Swedish Cities from 1900 to the 1920s
    Lorna Goldsmith - "Problem Families" as a Housing Management Concern in Newcastle in the 1960s
    Reports - Reviews
    Meeting the Other: International Summer Workshop, Prague 12. 9.-14. 9. 2002
    Reported by Michael Voříšek
    The Modern Nation - Still a Live Issue: Miloš Rezník, Formovaní moderního národa (Evropské "dlouhé" 19. století) [The Formation of the Modern Nation (The European "Long" 19th Century)], Praha: Triton 2003, 183 pp.
    Reviewed by Blanka Říchová
    Jitka Malečková: Úrodná půda. Žena ve službách národa [Fertile Soil: Women Serve the Nation], Praha 2002. Reviewed by Darina Martykánová
    193 Notes on Contributors