ORIENTALIA PRAGENSIA 1/2011 XVIII. Understanding India: Indology and Beyond

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brožovaná, 190 str.
ISSN 0567-8269
E-ISSN 2464-6830
vydáno: květen 2012
ISBN 978-80-246-2031-2


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  • Foreword by Mr. Suresh K. Goel, Director General, ICCR , New Delhi

    0. Introduction

    Section 1
    1. Chettiarthodi Rajendran: Towards a more inclusive Indology: Problems and Prospects .
    2. Aloka Parasher-Sen: The "Fragment" and the "Whole" – bridging "Indological Studies" and identities in contemporary India
    3. Harbans Mukhia: Filling-in some voids
    4. Martin Hříbek: Czech Indology and the concept of Orientalism
    5. Kunchapudi Srinivas: The method of investigation in Indian tradition
    6. Zdeněk Štipl: The significance of teaching modern Indian history in Indology
    7. Siniruddha Dash: The grammatical traditions and linguistic analysis in ancient India (with special reference to Pānini and Tolkāppiyam)
    8. Surinder Singh: Locating Islam in the historical experience of South Asia: Reflections on politics, society and culture
    9. Jaroslav Strnad: Interpretations of Kabīr: linguistic, literary and historical issues
    10. Petr Duda: Indology in e-space .

    Section 2
    11. Danuta Stasik: Regional co-operation in Central and Eastern Europe: Overview and appraisal
    12. Marzenna Czerniak-Drożdżowicz: Indology in Cracow – facing new challenges, viewing new perspectives
    13. Klara Gönc Moačanin: The state and status of Indology in Croatia today
    14. Svetislav Kostić: Teaching Hindi in the Czech Republic. A historic overview and Czech contribution to the understanding of Hindi
    15. Dagmar Marková: Some questions concerning teaching, research and translating modern Hindi literature in the Czech Republic
    16. Anna Trynkowska: Indian Studies at the University of Warsaw: The creation and implementation of the first cycle and second cycle study programmes (2006 – June 2010)
    17. Jaroslav Vacek: Indology – a complex branch of knowledge
    18. List of contributors
    19. Indexes