ORIENTALIA PRAGENSIA 1/2011 XVIII. Understanding India: Indology and Beyond

vychází 4 x ročně 
brožovaná, 190 str.
ISSN 0567-8269
E-ISSN 2464-6830
vydáno: květen 2012
ISBN 978-80-246-2031-2


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  • Foreword
    Suresh K. Goel

    Jaroslav Vacek, Harbans Mukhia, Martin Hříbek

    Towards a more inclusive Indology: Problems and Prospects
    Chettiarthodi Rajendran

    The ‘Fragment’ and the ‘Whole’ – bridging ‘Indological Studies’ and identities in contemporary India
    Aloka Parasher-Sen

    Filling-in some voids
    Harbans Mukhia

    Czech Indology and the concept of Orientalism
    Martin Hříbek

    The method of investigation in Indian tradition
    Kunchapudi Srinivas

    The significance of teaching modern Indian history in Indology
    Zdeněk Štipl

    The grammatical traditions and linguistic analysis in ancient India (with special reference to Pāṇini and Tolkāppiyam)
    Siniruddha Dash

    Locating Islam in the historical experience of South Asia: Reflections on politics, society and culture
    Surinder Singh

    Interpretations of Kabīr: linguistic, literary and historical issues
    Jaroslav Strnad

    Indology in e-space
    Petr Duda

    Regional co-operation in Central and Eastern Europe: Overview and appraisal
    Danuta Stasik

    Indology in Cracow – facing new challenges, viewing new perspectives
    Marzenna Czerniak-Drożdżowicz

    The state and status of Indology in Croatia today
    Klara Gönc Moačanin

    Teaching Hindi in the Czech Republic. A historic overview and Czech contribution to the understanding of Hindi
    Svetislav Kostić

    Some questions concerning teaching, research and translating modern Hindi literature in the Czech Republic
    Dagmar Marková

    Indian Studies at the University of Warsaw: The creation and implementation of the first cycle and second cycle study programmes (2006 – June 2010)
    Anna Trynkowska

    Indology – a complex branch of knowledge
    Jaroslav Vacek

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