Konvence a experiment. Rosova pravidla českého pravopisu

Ondřej Koupil

(Convention and Experiment: Rosa’s Rules of Czech Orthography)


zveřejněno 17.03.2015 
klíčová slova: Václav Jan Rosa; 17th century; orthography of Czech Václav Jan Rosa; 17. století; český pravopis

  • abstrakt

  • This text deals with the first part of Vaclav Jan Rosa’s Čechořečnost (a grammar of Czech published in Prague in 1672). It is a part of preparatory work for a complete Czech translation and commentary of this important 17th century grammar. At the beginning, the study describes the content of each chapter of Rosa’s treatise (1). Then, the system of emendations of Rosa’s spelling examples according to his own rules is explained (2). The author also considers the intended users of the grammar (3) and the ratio between conventional and experimental elements in Rosa’s doctrine of the Czech orthography (4). Finally, the first Czech translation of the Ist book of Rosa’s Čechořečnost is published (5)–it was Alexandr Stich, who gave the first impulse for this work.