Proměny postojů učitelů ke kurikulární reformě a jejímu zavádění

Karolína Pešková, Tomáš Janko, Tomáš Janík, Michaela Spurná

(The Changes of Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Curriculum Reform and Its Implementation)


zveřejněno 25.09.2018 
klíčová slova: changes of attitudes; lower secondary school teachers; curriculum reform

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  • The aim of this study was to describe the changes of primary and lower secondary school teachers’ attitudes towards curriculum reform and its implementation. In order to capture the attitudes changes retrospectively in the selected time span of ten years we looked at the attitudes from these positions: teachers’ expectations of curriculum reform before its implementation, critical moments which teachers experienced during the implementation and teachers’ attitudes towards the reform today. Qualitative investigation included semi-structured interview with 18 teachers teaching at primary and lower secondary schools. Data was analysed by means of thematic, axial, and selective coding. The research showed individual differences in attitude trajectories including the three positions. Respondents were divided into three basic groups according to their prevailing current attitude: positive − “supporting”, neutral − “balancing”, and negative − “disenchanted”. The “supporting” teachers were characterised by prevailing positive perceptions of the reform, agreement with the reform ideas and negative feelings fading out. The “balancing” teachers had ambivalent attitudes and were aware of both positive and negative aspects of the reform. The group of “disenchanted” teachers was primarily negatively oriented because of various failures and shortcomings which the reform brought from their point of view.

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