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Public Policy

Potůček, Martin et al.

e-book,  1. edition
published: January 2018
ISBN 9788024635705 (PDF)
ISBN 9788024640075 (epub)
ISBN 9788024640068 (mobi)

recommended price:  320 CZK


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The publication is primarily intended for international students of public policy. It represents an original contribution to the existing body of English textbooks of public policy – a young but dynamically developing discipline. It builds on the author’s many years of experience researching and teaching the discipline in Europe. In the first theoretical part, the chapters are ordered from the most general topics (definition of key terms, the field’s value fundamentals, contemporary forms of governance) to more specific texts on policy actors, institutions and instruments. The second part (co-authored with Veronika Rudolfová) is devoted to case studies of the pension system reforms. These studies are well-integrated with the theoretical part, which makes them more intelligible for the reader while shedding light on the different theories’ potential of application in research practice. In addition to students, the book is also addressed to politicians, public officials, civic and business sector professionals, and other public figures with an interest in evidence-based decision making.