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Jazyky v komunikaci neslyšících

[Languages in the communication of the deaf]

Macurová, Alena - Zbořilová, Radka

paperback,  316 pp., 1. edition
published: January 2019
ISBN 9788024634128
recommended price:  290 CZK


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This monograph follows the linguistic and cultural approach to deafness which has been developed at the Department of Deaf Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, since the mid-1990s and presents partial probes into the nature of languages used in the communication of deaf Czechs, Czech sign language and written Czech, including their mutual relationships. Based on existing texts on the communication of the Czech deaf as well as on other sources, it strives to capture the specific features reflected in the linguistic means that the Czech sign language and Czech language have use and in possible modifications for the purpose of intracultural as well as intercultural communication. This monograph aims to approach the communication in the Czech deaf community in a different manner than that used by disciplines traditionally focusing on deafness and thus to initiate a discussion about the status of Czech sign language and written Czech used by the Czech deaf community in the expert and public communities, specifically in education.
This book, presenting non-traditional approaches to deafness, is intended for students of disciplines focusing on deafness or related to this impairment and their instructors, for teachers at schools for hearing impaired children and youth, and teachers in schools of mainstream education which integrate hearing impaired children, for experts in special needs educational centers or centers of early care and for all professionals who deal with deafness and languages of the Czech deaf community, for parents and families of hearing impaired children as well as for the broader public. Naturally, it is also intended for the Czech deaf community itself as it strives to contribute to their self-awareness, self-conception and self-determination.