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Turistická odysea

[The tourist odyssey]

Mücke, Pavel - Krátká, Lenka (eds.)

hardcover,  672 pp., 1. edition
published: February 2019
Series: Orální historie a soudobé dějiny
ISBN 9788024640556
recommended price:  490 CZK


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The collective monograph, the Tourist Odyssey, represents a fundamental shift in the research of various forms of tourism in Czechoslovakia before the Velvet Revolution. In addition to the basic tendencies of national and regional politics in this field, it presents in individual studies various aspects of the phenomena of that time such as union or company recreation, tourism movements, spa health care, weekend cottages and holiday homes, and even foreign tourism, including tours from the other side of the Iron Curtain. A well-researched book, also based on interviews with witnesses and accompanied by historical photographs, brings the imaginary landscape of contemporary history to life through the stories of specific individuals.