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Detail knihy Vzpomínky chirurga

Vzpomínky chirurga

Nahodil, Vladimír

With a career as a surgeon of sixty years and focusing on many developmental phases this medical field has undergone, the author considers questions related to the development of surgery in the Czech Lands and the traces left in the field by...

published: June  2017
recommended price: 110 Kč

Detail knihy Klasická teoretická fyzika

Klasická teoretická fyzika

Štoll, Ivan - Tolar, Jiří - Jex, Igor

This university textbook offers a comprehensive view of classical theoretical physics. It presents the natural laws of classical physics and emphasizes their elegance manifested in their mathematical and physical economy. The use of the variational...

published: August  2017
recommended price: 270 Kč

Detail knihy Být místem Bytí. Tři příspěvky ke studiu Martina Heideggera

Být místem Bytí. Tři příspěvky ke studiu Martina Heideggera

Michálek, Jiří

The differences in philosophy of Martin Heidegger before and after the turnover, “the Turning” (die Kehre) in his thinking is not always understood clearly, including the change in the understanding of the key notion of “das Dasein” and the use of...

published: August  2017
recommended price: 100 Kč

Detail knihy Urbánní situace

Urbánní situace

Mongin, Olivier

French philosopher and essayist Olivier Mongin presents a structured treatise on the contemporary meaning, in times of globalization, of city or urban space. It, however, is not an interdisciplinary thematic encyclopedia, but rather a framework for...

published: August  2017
recommended price: 240 Kč

Detail knihy Le Chasseur de rats (paperback)

Le Chasseur de rats (paperback)

Dyk, Viktor

This novella, written by poet, fiction writer, playwright and journalist Viktor Dyk, was first published as serial in a magazine in 1911–1912 and later released in its entirety as a book in 1915. The story is based on the famous medieval Saxon...

published: August  2017
recommended price: 200 Kč

Detail knihy Instability in the Middle East

Instability in the Middle East

Černý, Karel

Middle Eastern instability is manifest externally in many ways: by crises afflicting governing regimes, the rise of political Islam, terrorism, revolution, civil war, increased migration, and the collapse of many states. This book examines the roots...

published: July  2017
recommended price: 420 Kč

Detail knihy Small Towns in Europe in the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Small Towns in Europe in the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Klusáková, Luďa et al.

Largely unknown small towns, always in the shadow of famous cities, are mostly overlooked by historical research. English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Czech and Russian towns are staged in this volume as examples of a typical European phenomenon....

published: July  2017
recommended price: 140 Kč

Detail knihy Pud u Freuda

Pud u Freuda

Kučera, Miloš

annotation unavailable

published: July  2017
recommended price: 330 Kč