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Detail knihy Defending Nazis in Postwar Czechoslovakia.

Defending Nazis in Postwar Czechoslovakia.

Drápal, Jakub

This book tells the story of life of Kamill Resler, attorney who defended the most prominent Nazi tried in post-war Czechoslovakia: Karl Hermann Frank. Important cases that preceded Frank´s trial are presented as well as life events that influenced...

published: February  2018
recommended price: 400 Kč

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Detail knihy Gramofon. Film. Typewriter

Gramofon. Film. Typewriter

Kittler, Friedrich

Kittler’s book interprets the history of media technology related to three inventions (gramophone, film and typewriter), spanning the period from the early 19th century and the present time, while also mapping the opportunities which arose from...

published: January  2018
recommended price: 270 Kč