Dasturová, Francoise

Price: 280 CZK

Man knows that he must one day die and this awareness represents one of the main characteristics of humanity; the aim of religion,...

Las relaciones entre Europa Cenral y América Latina. Contextos históricos

Opatrný, Josef (ed.)

Price: 360 CZK

This book addresses the relations between Central Europe and Latin America. The scholars primarily focus on the 20th century when contacts...


Book details Jazyk a myšlení

Jazyk a myšlení

Imaiová, Mucumi

Price: 150 CZK

annotation unavailable

Book details Laudabile Carmen - část II

Laudabile Carmen - část II

Kuťáková, Eva

Price: 180 CZK

The second part of this textbook, "Laudabile Carmen", is conceived and an introduction to Roman poetry and an initial presentation of...

Book details Obsahový rozbor současné angličtiny

Obsahový rozbor současné angličtiny

Mathesius, Vilém

Price: 180 CZK

This work, written by Vilém Mathesius (1882–1945), who was the founder of English studies in the Czech Lands, a prominent Czech linguist...


Book details Public Policy

Public Policy

Potůček, Martin

Price: 450 CZK

The publication is primarily intended for international students of public policy. It represents an original contribution to the existing...


Past Events



Dear readers,

We are happy to introduce two new books published in November.

The monograph Russian Aggression against Ukraine explains the broader background of the most recent Russian aggression, offering an analysis of the developments in the Ukraine after 2014 in the context of the current military conflict which represents the most serious challenge to European security since 1945.

Having collected a large number of facts which are convincing and supported by evidence, the scholars document the fact that it was an unprovoked aggression by one country against another.
- From Jefim Fištejn’s review

The Genesis of the Prague Reformist Movement, written by French historian Olivier Marin maps out the beginnings and gradation of the conflict, during which the Czech Lands demonstrated their loyalty to their spokesman, Master John Hus, by severing their ties to the council and the emperor who had handed him over to secular powers to be burned at the stake. An exposition focusing on the meetings and clashes between the Archbishop, university masters and the believers forms the backbone of this book, revealing the religious roots of Central Europe.

This book is a contribution to the Medievistika Series..